Best Laptop Under 300 Bucks: Find Your Perfect Match


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Finding the ideal laptop that meets your needs and budget can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. We’ve scoured the market to identify laptops that best balance performance and affordability. 

Our top picks under $300 are designed to deliver essential features such as decent battery life, a responsive touchpad, and sufficient storage for your files and applications. Among our selections, you’ll find options like the Lenovo Ideapad, which stands out for its robust battery life, making it ideal for users who are always on the move. 

While you may not find a Core i3 processor in this price bracket, the alternatives offer competent performance for everyday tasks. Additionally, features like a built-in card reader add convenience for multimedia users, though gaming capabilities are limited at this price point. 

However, the focus here is on value for money; we’re confident these laptops deliver just that.

Unveiling the Best Budget-Friendly Laptops

Our search for the best laptop under 300 dollars has led us to a diverse range of options that cater to various needs and preferences. Here is our carefully curated list of the top laptops that offer the best value for money:

Laptop ModelHP 14 LaptopDell Latitude E7470 UltrabookSGIN 17 Inch 1920 * 1080 IPS LaptopLenovo ThinkPad T460 Business LaptopNewest Samsung Chromebook 4Asus Newest 14″ FHD Chromebook Laptop
ProcessorIntel Celeron N40203.4 GHz Core_i5Core i3Intel Core i5Intel Celeron‎1.1 GHz Core_m3_8100y
Screen Size14-inch14-inch17-inch14-inch12-inch14-inch
Resolution1920 x 10801920×10801920 x 10801366 x 7681366 x 7681920 x 1080
Operating SystemWindows 11 in S Mode‎Windows 10 ProLinux‎Windows 10Chrome OSChrome OS
Additional FeaturesBuilt-in fingerprint readerBacklit keyboardResponsive touchpadDurable build qualityIntegrated stylus storageConvenient connectivity options

These laptops have been chosen for their ability to perform well in their respective best-use scenarios while keeping within tight budget constraints. From business to entertainment, each laptop on our list is tailored to excel in its niche, ensuring that you can find the right one for your specific needs.

1. HP 14 Laptop N4020

The HP 14 Laptop emerges as a commendable option for those who prioritize having a Windows operating system and a solid keyboard for typing. Its specs reveal an Intel Celeron N4020 processor paired with 8GB of RAM, making multitasking on a 14-inch screen a breeze. The HP 14 Laptop offers a great price-to-performance ratio for users seeking a device for everyday tasks.


The HP 14 Laptop is equipped with an Intel Celeron N4020 processor and 8GB of RAM, which ensures smooth performance for daily computing tasks. The 14-inch screen provides a sufficient workspace, and the built-in fingerprint reader adds an extra layer of security. This laptop runs on Windows 11 in S Mode, offering a streamlined and secure experience with the option to upgrade to the full version of Windows 11.

With 1920 x 1080 resolution, you can expect crisp and clear visuals for your media content. The laptop’s design is lightweight and easy to carry, making it an ideal travel companion for those on the go. It also includes a range of ports for connectivity, ensuring you can plug in your essential peripherals.


  • Windows 11 operating system provides a familiar interface
  • Comfortable keyboard enhances the typing experience
  • Lightweight design makes it highly portable
  • Good performance for its price point


  • Smaller touchpad may affect navigation ease
  • Limited to Microsoft App Store applications in S Mode
  • Upgrading to full Windows 11 version may be necessary for some users

2. Dell Latitude E7470 Ultrabook

The Dell Latitude E7470 Ultrabook stands out as a robust choice for business professionals who are always moving. Its compact and durable design, combined with powerful internals, makes it a reliable tool for productivity. A touchscreen adds a layer of convenience for navigation and interaction with content.


This Ultrabook features a high-resolution touchscreen that brings your interactions to life and supports efficient multitasking. Under the hood, the machine boasts a capable processor and ample 8 GB RAM to handle business applications quickly. Durability is also a hallmark of this laptop, designed to withstand the rigors of travel and frequent use.

The Dell Latitude E7470 has various ports, including USB 3.0 and HDMI, facilitating easy connectivity to external devices and displays. The solid-state drive offers quick data access and boot times, while the backlit keyboard allows for comfortable typing in low-light conditions. A high-quality webcam and microphone array make it ideal for video conferencing.


  • Touchscreen adds interactive usability
  • Robust build quality suited for travel
  • Efficient performance for business tasks
  • Backlit keyboard for low-light typing


  • May be heavier than other ultraportables
  • Battery life may not last a full workday without charging
  • Some users may prefer a larger screen

3. SGIN 17 Inch 1920 * 1080 IPS Laptop

For those seeking a larger screen for multimedia enjoyment, the SGIN 17 Inch Laptop offers an expansive 1920 * 1080 IPS display. This laptop is ideal for users who indulge in gaming or consume a lot of media, as it provides ample space and vivid visuals for a more immersive experience.


The SGIN laptop boasts a 17-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1920 * 1080, perfect for gaming and watching videos. Its internals include a Core i3 processor, which, while not the most powerful, is sufficient for basic gaming and everyday tasks. The laptop’s battery life is designed to support several hours of web browsing, ensuring you can enjoy your content without constant recharging.

Additional features include a range of ports, such as USB and HDMI, allowing for versatile connectivity. The laptop’s sleek and modern design focuses on providing a large viewing area without adding unnecessary bulk. It has a responsive touchpad and a comfortable keyboard, enhancing the user experience.


  • Large IPS display ideal for gaming and media
  • Core i3 processor suitable for basic gaming
  • Generous screen size enhances productivity and entertainment
  • Responsive touchpad and comfortable keyboard


  • May not handle demanding gaming requirements
  • Heavier and less portable compared to smaller laptops
  • Battery life may be limited during intense usage

4. Lenovo ThinkPad T460 Business Laptop

While many consider a business laptop synonymous with Windows, the Lenovo ThinkPad T460 breaks the mold as a formidable contender in the budget laptop arena. It’s a device that balances cost-effectiveness with the reliable performance that the Lenovo brand is known for. Whether managing spreadsheets or preparing presentations, the ThinkPad T460 is a workhorse that won’t disappoint you.


The Lenovo ThinkPad T460 has features that support everyday business tasks. It boasts an Intel Core i5 processor that easily handles multitasking, ensuring high productivity. Including 16GB of RAM contributes to a smooth operating experience, while the storage is managed by a sizable hard drive, offering ample space for documents and applications. Connectivity is no issue, as it includes various ports, such as an HDMI port for presentations on larger screens.

Further refining its capabilities, the ThinkPad T460 features a durable build typical of the ThinkPad line, designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. Its keyboard is engineered for comfort, a boon for those who type for extended periods. Moreover, the battery life is commendable, allowing for a full day’s work without reaching for the charger. The pre-installed operating system ensures that you’re ready to tackle tasks right out of the box.


  • Durable build quality characteristic of Lenovo ThinkPads
  • Good battery life for all-day use without constant charging
  • Comfortable keyboard suitable for long typing sessions
  • Ample connectivity options including an HDMI port


  • May not have the latest processor compared to newer laptops
  • 4GB of RAM might be limiting for more intensive applications
  • Heavier build compared to more modern slim laptops
  • Hard drive storage is slower than SSD alternatives

5. Newest Samsung Chromebook 4

The Newest Samsung Chromebook 4 is a testament to the evolution of Chromebooks, offering users a capable device that hits the sweet spot between functionality and affordability. Its sleek design and solid build make it an attractive option for students and professionals looking for a laptop to keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle while not breaking the bank.


This Chromebook 4 model from Samsung is powered by an Intel Celeron processor, which, along with 4 GB of RAM, provides a seamless Chrome OS experience. The 12-inch screen is compact yet sufficient for productivity and entertainment purposes.

The eMMC storage ensures quick access to files and the operating system, and the built-in microSD card reader offers additional storage expansion possibilities. An integrated stylus storage is a thoughtful addition for those who take notes or indulge in creative pursuits.

Connectivity is also highlighted, with multiple ports, including a USB 3.0, for faster data transfer. The full HD touchscreen elevates the experience of interacting with the Chrome OS, making navigating through tabs and apps a breeze. With the versatility of a 2-in-1 design, it can quickly transform from a laptop to a tablet, adapting to your needs whether you’re typing a report or reading an e-book.


  • 2-in-1 versatility with full HD touchscreen
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Integrated stylus storage for convenience
  • Decent battery life for daily tasks and browsing


  • Heavier than some competitors in its class
  • Cramped keyboard and touchpad may be uncomfortable over long periods
  • Limited on-board storage capacity
  • Performance may lag when multitasking

6. Asus Newest 14″ FHD Chromebook Laptop

For those who prioritize screen real estate and crisp visuals in their computing experience, the Asus Newest 14″ FHD Chromebook Laptop emerges as a compelling choice. It’s a laptop that promises productivity and entertainment in a sleek package that doesn’t skimp on performance, all while remaining within the reach of a modest budget.


The Asus Chromebook boasts a 14-inch Full HD display perfect for everything from editing documents to streaming videos. Under the hood, it’s powered by a capable processor and substantial memory to ensure smooth multitasking.

Storage is taken care of by eMMC, and the expandability through a microSD card means you won’t run out of space for your essentials. The battery life is average, making it suitable for use in settings where you can access power outlets throughout the day.

In terms of connectivity, this Chromebook doesn’t disappoint, featuring USB 3.0 ports for rapid data transfers. The HDMI port allows for easy connection to external displays, making it a great tool for presentations or extended workstations. Whether you’re a student or a professional, a large FHD screen and a robust set of features make this laptop a smart buy.


  • Large 14-inch Full HD display for superior visual experience
  • Decent performance for everyday tasks and multitasking
  • Convenient connectivity options including USB 3.0
  • Stylish design that stands out in the budget category


  • Average battery life may require mid-day charging
  • Storage capacity could be limiting for users with larger data needs
  • Heavier weight compared to other Chromebooks
  • May not be the best option for highly mobile users

Our Selection Criteria

When it comes to selecting the best laptops under $300, we adhere to strict criteria to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. We evaluate each laptop’s performance, focusing on the processor speed, RAM, and overall system responsiveness. 

A responsive touchpad and a reliable operating system are also key factors in our assessment. We understand that portability and battery life are crucial for many users, which is why we prioritize these features in our recommendations.

We also consider each laptop’s build quality and design, recognizing that durability is important. Additional features like a card reader can make a difference in convenience for some users. 

While finding a laptop that supports gaming at this price point is a stretch, we look for machines that can handle casual games and basic multimedia tasks without hiccups. Our goal is to provide you with a list of laptops that are not just affordable but also capable and reliable.

Making the Right Choice: Factors to Consider

When shopping for the best laptop under $300, it’s important to weigh factors such as performance, battery life, and portability. Your specific needs will dictate the features you prioritize, whether a long-lasting battery for travel or a particular operating system for compatibility with software.

Operating System: Windows vs Chrome OS

When choosing between Windows laptops and Chromebooks, consider your computing needs. Windows laptops offer a familiar environment with a wide range of software, while Chromebooks excel in fast, secure online access and are often more affordable. Your preference could also hinge on the software you need for work or school.

Windows laptops are suited for various tasks and often have more powerful hardware options. However, Chrome OS is optimized for Google’s ecosystem, offers quick boot times, and is generally more secure due to its cloud-based nature. Choose wisely to match your lifestyle and work habits.

Performance Parameters for Budget Laptops

Budget laptops typically feature entry-level processors, moderate amounts of RAM, and eMMC or SSD storage. While they are not designed for heavy multitasking or demanding applications, they can efficiently handle everyday tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and media consumption.

Assessing performance parameters is key. Look for laptops with at least 4GB of RAM and aim for the best processor within your budget. Storage type also impacts performance, with SSDs offering faster speeds than eMMCs. 

Consider your usage patterns to ensure your chosen laptop meets your performance needs.

Storage Solutions Within the $300 Limit

Finding adequate storage within a $300 budget can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Most laptops in this price range offer eMMC or SSD storage, ranging from 32 GB to 64 GB. While this may seem limited, cloud storage services complement these laptops nicely, especially for Chrome OS models. 

Users can store documents and photos online, freeing up local space for essential apps.

For those who prioritize storage for offline access, some laptops under $300 may feature SD card slots for expandable storage. This is particularly helpful for students or professionals who might need to access large files without an internet connection. 

Nonetheless, managing storage will require mindfulness of the space apps and updates consumed over time.

Assessing Build Quality and Design

When shopping for laptops under $300, build quality and design are often areas where manufacturers economize. These laptops typically feature plastic bodies instead of premium aluminum or magnesium alloy. 

However, many are surprisingly robust and can withstand everyday use. We look for sturdy hinges, well-fitted components, and resistance to flex in the keyboard area as indicators of decent build quality.

Design-wise, budget laptops tend to be bulkier and less sleek than their costly counterparts. Yet, some manufacturers offer a modern look with thinner profiles and fewer bezels around the screen. 

While these laptops may not turn heads in a coffee shop, they often provide the functionality needed for everyday tasks without the fragility of more expensive models.

Memory – How Much Do You Need?

In budget laptops, memory—or RAM—is critical for multitasking and overall performance. Most laptops under $300 have 4GB of RAM for basic tasks like web browsing, word processing, and light multitasking. 

However, for those looking to get the most out of their laptop, finding a model with 8GB of RAM can make a noticeable difference in performance.

Having 8GB of RAM enables smoother multitasking and can handle more demanding applications. While it’s a step up from the standard 4GB often found in this price bracket, setting realistic expectations is important. 

Even with 8GB of RAM, budget laptops won’t match the performance of higher-end models, but they can provide a comfortable cushion for everyday use.

Navigating Battery Life Expectations

Battery life is a crucial consideration for any laptop user, particularly in the budget category, where users are often on the move. Generally, laptops under $300 offer battery life that can last through a typical school or workday. 

We look for laptops that claim at least 6 hours of battery life, though actual usage may vary depending on the tasks performed.

It’s worth noting that battery longevity can be affected by numerous factors, including screen brightness, the number of applications running, and whether you’re streaming video or simply working on a document. 

With these variables in mind, users should manage their battery life expectations and employ power-saving features available on their devices to maximize uptime.



Can you truly find quality under $300?

Many wonder if a laptop priced under $300 can offer quality. Our research says yes, with a few caveats. While you won’t get top-of-the-line specs, many models in this price range, like the HP Chromebook 14, offer satisfactory performance for everyday tasks. 
Chrome OS, for instance, is optimized for budget hardware, providing a smooth experience for browsing, video playback, and video calls.

What can I expect for my money with a laptop under $300?

When shopping for laptops under $300, it’s essential to grasp the art of compromise. At this price, you’re looking at entry-level hardware best suited for basic tasks like word processing, internet browsing, and streaming media. 
You won’t find powerful processors or high-end graphics, but you can expect a machine that handles day-to-day activities reasonably well. Battery life is often good enough to get through a full day, provided you’re not pushing the laptop to its limits. 

Best Laptop Under 300 Bucks: The Last Word

Finding the best laptop under $300 can be a rewarding challenge. Our comprehensive guide has highlighted affordable laptops that can handle light everyday tasks and even some with the capability for video editing.

While you may not find high-end gaming laptops or the best 2-in-1 devices at this price point, there are options with integrated graphics, enough RAM, and 128GB of storage to satisfy basic needs. It’s about recognizing that an affordable laptop can deliver essential functions without breaking the bank.

When making your final selection, remember to prioritize features vital to you, whether it’s longer battery life, ample storage space, or the convenience of USB Type-C ports. Remember that student Chromebooks can offer great value, especially for those primarily using cloud services. And for those who pair their devices with Bluetooth headphones, checking compatibility is vital.

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