SafetyWing Review: Is SafetyWing The Best Travel Insurance Choice?


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Are you a digital nomad or remote worker looking for reliable travel insurance that keeps up with your flexible lifestyle? SafetyWing aims to provide just that with insurance plans tailored for those who live and work on the go.

In this SafetyWing review, we’ll dissect SafetyWing’s coverage options, cost, and user experiences, helping you determine if it’s the right choice for protecting your nomadic way of life.


SafetyWing Review TL;DR

  • SafetyWing offers customized travel insurance for digital nomads with the flexibility to start, pause, or stop coverage as travel plans change, and covers medical emergencies, travel delays, and includes add-ons for adventure sports.

  • With competitive pricing starting at $37/4 weeks for under 40-year-olds, SafetyWing is affordable and its policies offer a pay-as-you-go structure, catering particularly to budget travelers without skimping on essential coverages.

  • SafetyWing adapts to the needs of remote teams and families, providing insurance solutions that include free coverage for children and comprehensive plans for remote workers, while also including COVID-19 as part of their coverage during the pandemic.

Navigating The Nomad Lifestyle With SafetyWing Insurance

Illustration of a digital nomad working remotely with a globe and a laptop

Drifting across continents, digital nomads face a unique set of challenges, from medical mishaps to travel hiccups. SafetyWing offers a parachute of peace of mind with tailor-made insurance packages that cushion the inevitable blows of long-term travel. The question isn’t if you’ll need travel medical insurance, but rather which insurance will have your back when the unpredictable strikes.

Weighing options is a critical step; SafetyWing, with its customizable nature, distinguishes itself from other travel insurance companies. How does it hold up under scrutiny? We’ll explore the terrain of SafetyWing’s offerings.

The Digital Nomad Revolution

With laptops and passports as their tools, digital nomads are redefining work freedom, and SafetyWing aims to be their steadfast ally. Offering insurance that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, SafetyWing understands that the digital nomad lifestyle doesn’t pause for policy purchases. Whether you’re coding from a hammock in Bali or consulting from a café in Paris, SafetyWing’s insurance evolves with your itinerary, ensuring that your international trip remains uninterrupted by the unforeseen, from electronics theft to travel delay.

Remote Work and Travel Harmony

Syncing with the ebb and flow of nomadic life, SafetyWing’s subscription model is as fluid as your travel plans. With the ability to start, pause, or stop coverage mid-journey, you’re in the driver’s seat, not bound by traditional policy constraints. This adaptability, paired with affordable pricing, makes SafetyWing a favorite among those seeking insurance that covers both the short sprints and the long hauls of travel.

And with customer support that’s been lauded as ‘the best’ and coverage specifics that resonate with the unique needs of digital nomads, it’s no wonder that remote workers and long-term travelers are gravitating towards SafetyWing.

Coverage That Travels with You

With a mission to protect as you explore, SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance is like a global health insurance companion, accompanying digital nomads across 175 countries. The plan’s pay-as-you-go structure is a breath of fresh air for budget travelers, allowing you to pay for coverage only when you need it, and its flexibility means you can cancel at any moment should your next trip take an unexpected turn.

However, while the coverage is expansive, it doesn’t stretch to every corner of the globe, with geographical borders still in play.

Whether it’s lost luggage or a trip interruption, SafetyWing promises to be a reliable travel insurance partner, but how comprehensive is this coverage?

Comprehensive Coverage Details

Illustration of a person receiving medical attention in a foreign country

So, you’ve set your sights on the horizon, but what safety nets does SafetyWing have in store for you? A cornerstone of any reliable travel insurance is the promise to guard against the unexpected, and SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance doesn’t shy away.

From medical emergencies like a traffic accident in Pakistan to the nuisance of lost checked luggage, SafetyWing covers a spectrum of travel related mishaps. You can even pay visits to any local medical provider, a boon when you need medical attention in unfamiliar territory. But is it all-inclusive?

With coverage up to $250,000 for emergency medical expenses, it’s a sturdy shield, albeit with its share of limitations and exclusions.

Medical Emergencies: What’s Included?

Imagine being struck by dengue fever or appendicitis in a foreign land; daunting, isn’t it? SafetyWing’s policy is designed to alleviate such fears, having successfully supported nomads through hospitalizations and surgeries.

Coverage spans 175 countries, and unlike other insurance companies that restrict you to specific networks, SafetyWing offers the freedom to choose any medical provider. Yet, it’s worth noting that routine or preventive checkups aren’t part of the deal, and a $250 deductible per medical incident means you’ll need to budget for out-of-pocket expenses.

Still, for acute medical emergencies, SafetyWing’s coverage is a beacon of hope in the murky waters of health mishaps.

Trip Upfront: Understanding Your Protection

While SafetyWing may not be the knight in shining armor for trip cancellations, it does extend its protective cloak to cover trip interruptions and delays, a silver lining for when travel plans go awry. Yet, understanding your protection is key, as not all circumstances are covered, and with the pandemic rewriting the rulebook, new conditions and exclusions have surfaced.

Still, SafetyWing’s upfront trip protection offers a cushion against the jolts of interrupted journeys, ensuring that travel insurance is not a roadblock, but rather a travel companion aiding you in navigating the bumps along the way.

Adventure Sports and Special Circumstances

For thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, SafetyWing’s insurance can be tweaked to include coverage for adventure sports, adding an extra layer of excitement to your international trip. An additional fee of $10 per 28 days unlocks a world of possibilities, from scuba diving to skydiving, though it’s crucial to check the list of activities that fall outside the coverage—professional sports and extreme expeditions remain on the sidelines.

Standardly, outdoor activities like hiking and sailing sail smoothly under SafetyWing’s cover, ensuring your adventures continue with peace of mind.

Pricing And Plans: Is SafetyWing Affordable?

Illustration of a person comparing insurance plans on a tablet

With your backpack ready and your itinerary set, one question remains: can you afford the safety net that SafetyWing promises? Starting at a competitive $37 every four weeks for the under-40 crowd, SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance enters the market at an affordable price point.

Your age will steer the cost, with rates climbing as you ascend the age range, yet even for the seasoned traveler, SafetyWing’s prices don’t soar to dizzying heights. Add to that the flexibility of their 28-day renewable subscription model, and you have an insurance plan that’s as adaptable as the nomadic lifestyle itself, with the added bonus of a cancel-anytime policy.

But let’s stack these numbers against the competition to see if SafetyWing truly offers the biggest bang for your buck.

Cost Comparison with Competitors

When pitted against the likes of World Nomads, a heavyweight in the travel insurance arena, SafetyWing holds its own with more wallet-friendly wings. For the young and the restless travelers, a monthly expense of around $40 is a small price to pay for a comprehensive safety net. And for those venturing into the US, SafetyWing still manages to keep the cost within reach at $68 for four weeks.

This cost-effective approach positions SafetyWing as a preferred choice for budget travelers, without skimping on the essentials.

Tailoring Your Plan to Your Budget

Your travels are as unique as you are, and SafetyWing’s pricing structure allows you to tailor your insurance to fit your budget and journey. Whether you’re jet-setting for a month or meandering for many, the subscription model empowers you to modify your coverage on the fly, echoing the flexibility of nomadic life.

And with add-ons like adventure sports coverage and protection for electronics against theft, you can customize your policy to safeguard your specific needs.

For digital nomads, especially those living outside their home country, this means a personalized plan that doesn’t max out your travel fund, ensuring your electronics – and your peace of mind – are well-protected.

Claim Filing Simplified

Illustration of a person filing a claim online with customer support assistance

Now, let’s tread through the often daunting terrain of the claim process. With SafetyWing, filing a claim is designed to be as simplified as their coverage is comprehensive. Whether you opt for the digital route on their website or the traditional mail, the process is streamlined for ease, with customer support on standby 24/7 to guide you through any snags.

But as with any journey, there may be unexpected twists and turns. How does SafetyWing’s support hold up post-claim, and what can you expect when making a claim?

Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Claim

Navigating the claims process can be akin to navigating a foreign city; you need a good map and clear directions. SafetyWing provides just that, with a step-by-step guide that walks you through the required documentation and time frames.

Frustrations can arise, as they have for some users who found the claim responses slow and the path to compensation fraught with obstacles. Yet, having customer support just a chat away can ease the journey, providing reassurance and assistance as you navigate the whole process.

For claims related to the ever-changing landscape of the pandemic, there’s a 60-day window post-policy end to account for COVID-19 expenses, an important beacon to note in these uncertain times.

After the Claim: Support and Resolution

Following the tumult of a claim, you’d hope for smooth sailing, but for some SafetyWing customers, the waters have been anything but calm. Issues with communication and slow processing times have caused ripples of dissatisfaction. The silence and inaction on some claims raise red flags for those seeking swift and supportive resolutions.

During the pandemic, the usual rapid response time stretched to a three-month ordeal for political evacuation cases, a stark deviation from the expected 20-day turnaround. It’s clear that while customer service is ever-present, the aftermath of a claim with SafetyWing can sometimes be a journey of its own.

SafetyWing For Families And Teams

Illustration of a family and a remote team covered by SafetyWing Insurance

Venturing out into the world as a family or a remote team introduces a new dynamic to travel insurance needs. SafetyWing rises to the occasion with plans that embrace both kin and crew. There’s a distinct family-friendly vibe with no extra fees for children, while remote companies can find a haven in SafetyWing’s tailored plans.

Let’s peek into the nest to see how SafetyWing ensures that both families and remote teams can fly under its protective wing with ease.

Family First: No Extra Fees for Kids

For nomadic families, the journey is all about sharing the wonders of the world with the little ones. SafetyWing understands this, offering free coverage for children, which is a testament to its family-oriented approach. With each insured adult able to include up to two children under 10 years old at no extra cost, the financial burden lightens, allowing families to roam more freely without the worry of additional insurance fees.

This consideration is particularly beneficial for families planning short trips, as it removes one more hurdle from the adventure of parenting on the move.

Remote Companies and Their Crew

In the realm of remote work, teams often span continents, making traditional insurance models less than ideal. SafetyWing’s Remote Health is the answer, offering a comprehensive global health insurance solution that’s as borderless as the teams it covers. Remote companies can manage their crew’s insurance with ease, thanks to a dashboard designed for adding or removing members as the team evolves.

SafetyWing extends the same level of care to travel companions and children, ensuring that remote employees who travel with their families are not left to fend for themselves.

SafetyWing vs. Traditional Health Insurance

In the crossroads between SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance and traditional primary health insurance lies a choice between tailored coverage for emergencies and a comprehensive health care plan. SafetyWing serves the globe-trotting community with a focus on unforeseen medical emergencies, not the routine care that traditional health insurance typically encompasses.

While SafetyWing offers a safety net for travelers, one must recognize that it doesn’t replace traditional health insurance, which covers a broader range of health services. Let’s delve deeper into when Nomad Insurance suffices and where it falls short.

When Nomad Insurance is Enough

Nomad Insurance by SafetyWing is the go-to for digital nomads and short-term travelers who prioritize emergency medical coverage over the full suite of health services. Its sweet spot lies in providing essential coverage at an affordable cost, serving as a short-term health solution rather than a permanent one.

However, understanding that SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance doesn’t meet the Affordable Care Act requirements in the U.S., nor does it include benefits for preventive care or pre-existing conditions, is vital as it could be a deal-breaker for some.

Identifying the Gaps

While SafetyWing flies high when it comes to emergency coverage, it does not cover all skies. Routine medical checks and preventive care, staples of traditional health insurance plans, are not included in SafetyWing’s offerings. Nor does it cover regular dental or eye examinations unless related to an unexpected injury or illness.

Pre-existing conditions are another area where SafetyWing’s coverage is limited, except in cases of a life-threatening emergency. Recognizing these gaps is vital when considering SafetyWing, particularly if your requirements include chronic treatments and preventative check-ups.

User Experiences And Testimonials

The value of any service is often best measured by the echoes of customer experiences. SafetyWing has been the subject of both applause and critique, with users commending its straightforward process and responsive team, while others emphasize the need for improvements in claim processing and clearer communication. Long-term customers cite consistency in their experiences, though individual cases suggest a range of satisfaction levels.

Reviews from platforms like Trustpilot and ProductHunt paint a picture of mixed responses, averaging a 3.5 out of 5 rating — a reflection of a varied digital nomad community.

Navigating COVID-19: SafetyWing’s Response

As the world grappled with the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, travel insurance companies were put to the test. SafetyWing’s response was to adapt its policies to include coverage for COVID-19 as if it were any other illness, provided it wasn’t contracted before the start of the policy. But how did this policy change play out in real-world scenarios, and what were the experiences of customers dealing with the pandemic’s impact on their travels?

Coverage During the Pandemic

SafetyWing rose to the occasion by including COVID-19 coverage, handling the virus with the same care as other medical emergencies. This comprehensive approach extended to quarantine expenses, offering a financial buffer against the ripple effects of the pandemic, subject to specific policy conditions.

For new policyholders, COVID-19 coverage was a seamless inclusion, while existing customers needed to ensure their policies were up-to-date to benefit from this coverage, including support for emergency medical evacuation if complications arose.

Customer Experiences During COVID-19

The pandemic brought forth stories of resilience and support, with customers recounting how SafetyWing navigated the complexities of COVID-19 claims and provided much-needed assistance. These accounts not only shine a light on the company’s ability to adapt to global health crises but also demonstrate the importance of having a reliable travel insurance partner during such uncertain times.

The Last Word On SafetyWing

As we’ve journeyed through the intricacies of SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance, we’ve seen its offerings unfold like a map, revealing paths of comprehensive coverage, flexible plans, and specialized care for digital nomads and remote workers. While it may not replace traditional health insurance entirely, it stands as a solid choice for those seeking a reliable travel insurance companion.

With competitive pricing, tailored plans for families and teams, and an adaptive COVID-19 response, SafetyWing has marked its territory in the travel insurance landscape. As you pack your bags and ready your spirit for adventure, may this review serve as a guide to help you choose the wings that will best protect your nomadic dreams.

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What is SafetyWing?

SafetyWing is a travel insurance company specifically tailored for digital nomads and remote workers, providing flexible insurance packages to accommodate their unique lifestyle.

Why would I need SafetyWing?

You would need SafetyWing for coverage against medical emergencies and travel delays as you travel the world, providing peace of mind for digital nomads and long-term travelers.

What makes SafetyWing good for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads?

SafetyWing is great for remote workers and digital nomads because of its subscription model, global coverage, and no additional fees for children, making it a suitable choice for those with flexible lifestyles.

How is SafetyWing different from traditional travel insurance?

SafetyWing is different from traditional travel insurance because it is designed for nomads and remote workers, providing flexible coverage that can be purchased while traveling and includes remote health services. This makes it a great option for those who are constantly on the move.

Does SafetyWing cover COVID-19 related issues?

Yes, SafetyWing covers COVID-19 medical expenses and quarantine costs like any other illness, as long as the policy was active and the virus was not contracted before its start date.

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